“We are disciples of Jesus Christ, bound together in love to nurture one another and to carry God’s gospel to the world”


Our vision is to become an authentic community of followers of Jesus Christ, reflecting God’s love for all with energy and openness by:

Praising God…

through dynamic, spiritual and diverse worship opportunities.

Loving God’s world…

through service to those in need regardless of ethnic, economic or social status.

Encouraging non-believers…

to accept a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Nurturing our faith and commitment…

so each member of the church community can fully utilize his/her gifts in ministry.

Searching for Biblical truths through the guidance of the Holy Spirit…

being open to each believer’s questions, respectful of each other as we search, and united in our confidence in God’s final authority.


Mary is the first Grand President Emeritus from Ketchikan

Mary’s honors were part of the 2008 Elizabeth Peratrovich Day events in Ketchikan. We’re proud of you Mary!

Mary Jones

“Thanks to the church members who so graciously purchased a beautiful corsage of a royal blue & silver corsage for the Elizabeth Peratrovich Day celebration to be given to me as the ANB & ANS #14 honored me with this prestigious title “emeritus.” I certainly didn’t expect all this fanfare but accepted it with such deep feeling coming from my peers. Thank you.” -Mary Jones, Presbyterian since birth